Mac Studio with M3 Ultra chip is coming – here’s what you need to know

According to the latest rumors, Apple is currently working on a new Mac Studio with M3 Ultra chip. It should be on the market in about six months.

Mac Studio with M3 Ultra chip

The rumor comes from reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman Bloomberg. He mentioned the details about the Mac Studio with M3 Ultra chip in the latest edition of his newsletter ‘Power On‘.

According to Gurman, Apple will probably offer the new Mac Studio with the as yet unannounced fourth variant of the M3 chip: the M3 Ultra. Just like the previous generations, this has double the number of components of the ‘Max’ version. This means that the M3 Ultra contains up to 32 CPU cores and 80 GPU cores.

WWDC in June 2024

The Taiwanese Research Bureau TrendForce believes Apple will launch a new Mac Studio with the M3 Ultra chip during WWDC in June. Just like the M2 Max and M2 Ultra Mac Studio appeared during WWDC last year. Prior to the launch of these models in 2023, Gurman already reported that Apple was working on two successors.

Gurman also thinks, contrary to previous suggestions this week, that Apple is likely to update the Mac Pro with the new M3 Ultra chip. He does not believe that Apple will abandon the Mac Pro again after one year.

mac pro m3

Given Apple’s current Mac plans for 2024, the lagging Mac sales figures are unlikely to be picked up. Still, new devices like the M3 MacBook Air could be popular if marketed properly.

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