MacBook Air 2024 is officially for sale: here you will find the best prices

The first new Apple device of 2024 has been officially released in the Netherlands and Belgium! Here you will find the best prices for the MacBook Air 2024.

MacBook Air M3 announced

Apple has released the new MacBook Air! The most important change in the new generation of MacBook Air is the update to the M3 chip. This processor is extremely fast and powerful, allowing you to perform even the most demanding graphics tasks and AI functions without any problems. Both the 13- and 15-inch versions of the MacBook Air have made the switch to the M3 chip.

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Do you regularly work with multiple screens? Then the MacBook Air 2024 has a useful function, because the laptop has support for two external displays. Furthermore, Apple has anodized the casing of the midnight version for the first time. This means that the laptop has an extra layer that protects the housing against fingerprints. Are you planning to buy the laptop? We list the lowest prices of the MacBook Air 2024 for you!

MacBook Air 2024 is officially for sale: here you will find the best prices

Lowest prices of the MacBook Air 2024

The MacBook Air 2024 with 13-inch screen has a starting price of 1299 euros from Apple. Do you prefer a larger screen? Then you get the MacBook Air 2024 with a 15-inch screen for 1,599 euros from Apple. A decent price, but you will soon be able to get the laptop at a lower price from various providers. Therefore, keep a close eye on our price comparator. These are the current best prices for the MacBook Air 2024:

Apple MacBook Air 2024 deals

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The MacBook Air 2024 has been available in stores since today. If you order the laptop now, you will receive the new MacBook a day later from many providers. The laptop is equipped with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space as standard. Furthermore, the MacBook Air 2024 is equipped with two USB-C and Thunderbolt ports. This way you can charge the MacBook with the same cable as your iPhone, AirPods and iPad!

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Another option: MacBook Air M2

Do you think the prices of the MacBook Air 2024 are too high? Then the MacBook Air with M2 chip is also a good option. Apple released the laptop last year, with the big difference being the M2 chip. This processor is still incredibly fast, so you can use the laptop for years to come. The MacBook Air with M2 chip is still a very good choice, especially for the average user.

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The big advantage: the prices of the MacBook Air with M2 chip have fallen enormously with the release of the MacBook Air 2024. You therefore pay much less for the laptop than for the latest MacBook Air. Do you rarely work with external displays and are you not looking for the latest model? Then view the prices of the MacBook Air M2 with a 13- or 15-inch screen in our price comparator, so that you can be sure that you are not paying too much!

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