macOS 15 FAQ: Explanation of features, supported devices and more

During WWDC, Apple announced macOS 15, the successor to macOS Sonoma. We have recently received a number of questions about the new macOS software and, as every year, we answer the most frequently asked questions in our macOS 15 FAQ.

The macOS update can be seen as putting the finishing touches on the major changes that have been implemented for the Mac in recent years. We summarize the most important points based on your questions below in the macOS Sequoia FAQ.

When can I download macOS 15?

The most important question in this macOS 15 FAQ is of course when will macOS Sequoia become available? Apple has announced that the free software update will be released in the fall of 2024. Developers can download the test version via Public testers can get started in the summer via

Which devices support macOS 15?

The Macs below are suitable for installing macOS 15, do you have an older Mac? Then it is unfortunately no longer possible to update this. Don’t know exactly which Mac you have? Please check this via  ▸ About this Mac ▸ More info ▸ Overview.

  • MacBook Pro 2018 or newer
  • MacBook Air 2020 or newer
  • iMac 2019 or newer
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Mini 2018 or newer
  • Mac Pro 2019 or newer
  • Mac Studio 2022 or newer

Does Apple Intelligence also work on my Mac?

Apple Intelligence is a personal intelligence system for Mac, iPhone and iPad that combines the power of generative models with the user’s individual context, resulting in AI that is both useful and relevant.

although Apple Intelligence is part of macOS Sequoia, the AI ​​features will only be available on all Mac models with M1 chip or newer.

In addition, the AI ​​model will only work for the time being in English (US) will be added and the features will initially be in beta. The functions are also limited in the beginning. New languages ​​and capabilities are expected next year.

Want to know what AI features you can expect on your iPhone, iPad and Mac? Then view our extensive explanation of Apple Intelligence and discover what innovations await you.

How does iPhone Mirroring work on Mac?

macOS Sequoia makes Continuity even more versatile with iPhone Synchronous Display. This gives you full access to your iPhone on your Mac and you can also control it from your Mac. You’ll see your wallpaper and icons exactly as they appear on your iPhone, swipe through the different pages of the Home screen, and also use your favorite apps. You control your iPhone with your Mac’s keyboard, trackpad and mouse, and the audio also comes from the Mac speakers.

iPhone Mirroring mac macOS

In a later version of macOS 15, you can even drag files between your iPhone and Mac without any hassle. Plus, your iPhone is locked all this time, so no one sees what you’re doing. StandBy also works well in the iPhone synchronous view, so you can see important information at a glance. And if you get a notification on your iPhone, you can respond directly from your Mac.

What can you do with the new window view?

Apple added some smart grids in macOS 15 so that windows automatically appear neatly on your Mac’s screen. When you drag a window to the edge of the display, macOS Sequoia automatically suggests a spot on the desktop where you can then release the window. You can also easily place multiple windows next to each other, or in the corners so that your apps remain in better view. And with new keyboard shortcuts and handy menu options, you can do it even faster.

macOS arrange windows automatically

What can the Passwords app do?

For years you have been able to find the saved passwords in the Settings app of your iPhone or iPad. This keychain forms the basis for the new Passwords app, in which you can easily retrieve all your login details, passwords, passkeys, WiFi passwords and verification codes. Apps can consult the app for login details and thanks to new categories you can also find your passwords more quickly, for example a useful category is: recently created.

The app also points out security problems, such as a weak password that is easy to guess, a password that you use in multiple places or passwords that are part of a data breach.

Has the Calculator app also been updated?

Just like on the iPhone and iPad, Apple has also updated the Calculator app on the Mac. From now on you can view the history of your calculations and have access to more options. This is how you can instantly convert units and currencies in the Calculator app and perform math calculations with math notes. You can also find the latter in the Notes app.

calculator macOS converter

Does Calendar also show reminders?

Good news! Calendar finally shows events and tasks from Reminders so you can easily complete them every day. You can also change, create, complete and manage reminders from the Calendar app. In the new month view you can immediately see what is planned for a specific month.

Gets Mail automatic categories

Apple has added fixes to Mail for iOS 18 and iPadOS 18. In this app, your emails are automatically divided into categories using machine learning on your device, so that your inbox is clearer. As a result, private emails and urgent emails end up in a separate Primary category. Confirmations and payment receipts will appear in the Transactions category, and marketing emails and discount coupons will be found under Promotions.

Mail for iPhone and iPad also includes a new summary view, which shows all relevant emails from a specific company. This allows you to quickly scan whether there is anything that you need to do something with.

Unfortunately, these options are still available not available for macOS Sequoia, they may be added in a later update.

Will all the new features work on my Mac?

Unfortunately, not all features are available on all Mac models that support macOS 15. For example, some functions are only available on a Mac with an Apple Silicon processor. In a separate article we list all the features that are not available on all Macs that support macOS 15.

macOS 15 tips

In the coming weeks we will share more information about macOS 15 and update this macOS 15 FAQ. As you have come to expect from us, we will explain all new functions, options and possibilities in detail in our tips, manuals and explanation articles.

You can find all macOS 15 tips here. Do you have any questions about macOS 15 or the macOS 15 FAQ? Then don’t hesitate and ask them in the comments below.

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