In 2024, the Netherlands offers countless opportunities to make extra money, and one of the easiest ways is by selling your old iPhones. Because Apple regularly releases newer models, the value of second-hand iPhones remains surprisingly high. This article discusses how you can make smart money by selling your old iPhones and why this is both a smart financial and environmentally conscious move.

The value of second-hand iPhones
Globally, a record 62 million tons of e-waste were produced in 2022, an increase of 82% since 2010. This shows how often consumers are replacing their electronic devices. iPhone users in particular are known for replacing their phone with a newer version every two years, or as soon as the latest model is released. The old iPhones are often resold or kept for one rainy day. But did you know that instead of letting your old iPhones collect dust in a drawer, you can also make money from them? The demand for second-hand iPhones is high, because many people are looking for quality smartphones at a lower price than new models. This means that your old iPhones are valuable, even if you no longer use them.

Why is the demand for second-hand iPhones growing?
The popularity of second-hand iPhones is due to several factors. First, companies like Apple regularly release new models, which means that many consumers want to sell their old iPhones so they can buy the latest version themselves. Moreover, second-hand iPhones are attractive for people who want a quality smartphone without paying full price. This creates a vibrant market where you can easily sell your old appliances and make money from them.
There are several ways to sell your old phone. This can be done, for example, to an acquaintance or friend, but also via specialized platforms such as They make the sales process, from valuation to shipping, as quick and easy as possible. By completing a short questionnaire, you will immediately receive an offer for your old iPhone. This way you can quickly and easily earn money on a device that you will never use again.

How selling old iPhones works
On specialized platforms such as you can easily and quickly sell your old iPhones. You only have to fill out a simple questionnaire to find out the value of your iPhone. Do you agree with the quotation? You will then receive your shipping label by email.
After has received your device, they will assess it based on the questionnaire you have completed. They check the external condition, but also the functionalities of your old iPhone. Does everything match what you entered? You will then receive a message and they will transfer the money to you within one working day.
Do you have any other old electronic devices lying around? Then there is a chance that you can also register this when you sell your old iPhone. This saves on shipping costs and ensures that you have some extra space in the closet.

Selling your old iPhones and other old electronics is a smart way to make extra money. By using platforms such as, you can easily and quickly earn money with devices that you no longer use. It’s a simple, efficient way to earn some extra money while contributing to a sustainable economy. So, get that old iPhone out of the drawer and start selling today!

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