Make your own stickers for WhatsApp – that’s how you do it (finally) on your iPhone

Creating stickers on WhatsApp used to be a cumbersome task on your iPhone for a long time. That has now changed: this is how you can easily create a sticker for WhatsApp.

Create stickers on WhatsApp

Creating stickers on WhatsApp has been possible for a while now, but has always been a cumbersome task to do on an iPhone. You always needed a separate app to make stickers on your iPhone, because the iOS version of WhatsApp did not yet support making stickers itself. Fortunately, from iOS 16 and the latest version of WhatsApp, this becomes a lot easier.

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Since iOS 16, it is possible to separate the subject of the photo from the background in a photo. This feature is perfect for making stickers, but it wasn’t possible until recently. WhatsApp added a white background to the subject cut out of the photo. That has changed with the latest update.

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This is how you create a sticker for WhatsApp in iOS 16

With the latest update of WhatsApp, it is possible to paste the subjects cut from the photos into WhatsApp, without adding a background. This makes it extremely easy to make a sticker from your cut-out photo. You do this as follows:

  1. Open ‘Photos’ on your iPhone and choose the photo you want to turn into a sticker;

  2. Briefly tap the subject in the photo once and then hold your finger on the subject;

  3. Drag and hold the subject away from the photo;

  4. Meanwhile, open ‘WhatsApp’ with other fingers and stick the sticker in the conversation.

Dragging the cut-out photo from Photos to WhatsApp is sometimes a bit of a search. You do this by tapping the subject of a photo with your finger and dragging it. Hold your finger with the subject pressed on the screen and open WhatsApp with your other fingers (it is easier to do this with two hands). Then drag the photo to WhatsApp to create a sticker on your iPhone.

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Does the function not yet work on your iPhone? Then the update probably still has to come to your iPhone, because WhatsApp is rolling out the update gradually. If you have version 23.3.77 of WhatsApp on your iPhone, the new sticker creation feature will come to your phone automatically. Also nice to know: you can also add self-made stickers to iMessage and Telegram in exactly the same way.

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With the new update, it is finally possible to create stickers for WhatsApp on your iPhone without downloading an extra app. Are you curious about more tips for WhatsApp? Earlier we explained how to edit already sent messages on WhatsApp and which new feature makes video calling on WhatsApp much better.

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