Mash adds a second sidecar to its range: B-Side 500

Compared to motorcycles, the market for sidecars is only a very small niche, but that has not stopped the French at Mash from launching a second sidecar: the B-Side 500. The same classic looks, but powered by a significantly more powerful 494cc parallel twin.

It has been seven years since Mash launched the Family Side and was the only one of the regular brands to add a sidecar to the range, a market that until then was reserved for specialists who focused purely on sidecars.

The Family Side was a resounding success in countries where there is a high demand for sidecars, not least because of its very competitive pricing of just over 10,000 euros in the Netherlands, a fraction of what a custom-built sidecar would cost. table must be laid.

Sure, you also have a sidecar with a 150+ hp power source, but for those for whom power was not important, the Family Side was a very good alternative. In any case, a test in our own country taught us that the 27.6 hp 397cc single-cylinder of the Family Side was powerful enough for indoor rides.

The Side Force followed in 2021; the same bicycle part, but equipped with a block with slightly larger lung capacity and different looks that were a big nod to the military sidecars that were used in the Second World War and could easily have been from the film set of Inglorious Bastards (or any other war film) drove away.

For 2024, Mash has expanded the range with a second sidecar, which will be available alongside the successor to the Side Force, the Black Side. The B-Side 500 has the same retro looks, but has been completely redesigned from the ground up, with a new chassis and a new 494cc parallel twin, which is rated for a top power of 54 hp at 8,500 rpm. That’s almost double the power compared to the Black Side.

On the other hand, the B-Side 500 is a bit heavier. Mash claims a dry weight of 345 kilos, while the Black Side is ‘only’ 317 kilos. The B-Side 500 is also more spacious in terms of dimensions, and will therefore undoubtedly be more comfortable for the baker, while greater distances can be covered thanks to the now 18 liter tank.

The B-Side 500 will be available from Mash dealers in mid-April 2024 for the recommended consumer price of €14,499.

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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