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Mazda 929 Coupe

In the 1970s, the Japanese were still proving themselves here, especially with affordable cars for the common man. The Mazda 929 Coupé was of a more extravagant cut. It is still a special appearance. A rare one, moreover.

Think flashy coupés from the 1970s and 1980s and chances are you’ll think of cars like the Ford Capri and the Opel Manta. The Japanese, however, also contributed, with cars such as the Toyota Celica and the Honda Prelude. Mazda was also present, of course with the special RX-7, but earlier with the 929 Coupé. The first Mazda 929 Coupé was still a sporty two-door as you saw in many brands in the 1970s. American design influences were, just like with the first Ford Capri, not to be missed. At the time, the Japanese also looked particularly closely at what the ‘Big Three’ from Detroit were doing.

Mazda 929 Coupe

The most desirable Mazda 929 Coupé has a different name, because that is the Wankel engine equipped RX-4. Here we ‘just’ have a 929 Coupé with a 1.8 four-cylinder, as you saw it more often at the time. Nowadays it is of course a very rare appearance, there are probably no more than five to ten copies in our country. A nice spot from colleague Joost Boers. This original Dutch copy also has a nice typical color and looks neat. We are undoubtedly dealing with a restored 929 Coupé and one that is rightly cherished by its owner. The two have been inseparable for nearly fifteen years. On to the next fifteen years!

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