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McLaren GTSMcLaren GTSMcLaren GTSMcLaren GTSMcLaren GTSMcLaren GTS

McLaren GTS

For those who find hardcore supercars like the McLaren 765LT and 750S too much and ‘even’ the Artura is too loud, McLaren has been able to order the GT since 2019. Four years after the arrival of the least rigid but still very sporty McLaren GT, the car is being overhauled on all sides. This is the McLaren GTS!

When implementing what is perhaps the closest thing to a facelift, McLaren is happy to change the model name of its cars. The updates are often accompanied by an increase in power and since the name of most of the brand’s models refers to the number of horses under the hood, this is not very surprising. For example, the McLaren 720S was not long ago replaced by the sleeker variant called the 750S. And what about the McLaren GT presented in mid-2019? It gets an S. This is the McLaren GTS, the updated version of the GT that has been finely honed on every level.

There is no way a McLaren model can be called soft and comfortable, but within the McLaren family, which also consists of models such as the Artura, 750S, 765LT (Spider) and the hyper exotics from the Ultimate Series, the GT, now called GTS, is by far the most accessible. And not just in terms of price. The McLaren GTS is the Gran Tourer of the series, a car with which the English have focused more on daily usability than with any other model. The car has a redesigned front bumper with new elements with visible carbon fiber and a handful of new glossy black elements all around.

McLaren GTS

McLaren GTS

McLaren introduces new personalization options, new colors and the GTS has new alloy wheels. McLaren is installing new seats in the interior and here too things can be finished differently than in the GT. If you look closely, you will see that the air scoops at the top of the rear wheel arches have also grown a size. The rear diffuser has also been renewed. To illustrate the detail work that has gone into the GTS, it has been given titanium wheel bolts that are 35 percent lighter than the GT’s. Count your winnings.

The biturbo 4.0 V8 that previously produced 620 hp now delivers 635 hp to the rear wheels. This higher power is combined with a car weight that, at 1,520 kilos, is 10 kilos lower than that of the GT. There are 418 horses available per ton to propel the GTS, so the McLaren GTS is extremely fast. In 3.2 seconds he sprints from a standstill to a speed of 100 km/h and if he has patience for 8.9 seconds, he zooms over the asphalt at a speed of 200 km/h. Its top speed: 326 km/h. Shifting is done with a seven-speed automatic transmission.

McLaren GTS

McLaren GTS

Just like the McLaren GT and various other models from the brand, the GTS also has a system that raises the nose at speed bumps, for example. That system raises the nose of the car higher above the road in less than half the time that the system achieved in the GT. How practical is a GTS? It has a luggage compartment of 420 liters at the back and a snout in which you can store another 150 liters. The shape of those storage spaces is of course not ideal, but with a total luggage space of 570 liters, the McLaren GTS is, according to the English, the most practical supercar on the market.

The McLaren GTS can be ordered immediately. The first copies will be delivered in 2024.

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