McLaren is working on extreme hybrid two-seater with F1 technology

Also a McLaren with rear doors on the way

McLaren is working on extreme hybrid two-seater with F1 technology

McLaren is said to be planning to continue its hypercar series with a new automotive extremist. The new Ultimate Series car would get a V8 and a hybrid system just like the ‘old’ P1, but considerably lighter than before.

McLaren introduced a new model this week, the 750S. ‘Renewed’ is a better term in this case, but such an introduction also often results in a lot of contact with the press and therefore in news, directly to us or via others. In this case it is no different. Automotive News Europe reported from a McLaren dealer who attended a meeting that work is underway on a new car in McLaren’s so-called ‘Ultimate Series’ model range. A real hypercar. The two-seater is said to have been inspired by Formula 1 in various ways. That sounds nice and woolly, although the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG One prove that such a claim is more justified today than ever before.

The drive of the new hypermodel would be provided by a V8 developed entirely in-house on the one hand, and electric motors on the other. Just like with the first car from the Ultimate Series. However, McLaren says that the new hybrid system is no less than 70 percent lighter than the current one, although we currently only know the much less extreme Artura (with V6) as a hybrid McLaren.

McLaren distinguishes three model lines in its range, of which the ‘Ultimate Series’ is the most extreme. That started in 2013 with the McLaren P1. After his career, the Ultimate Series was split into the extreme McLaren Senna and ├╝ber-GT McLaren Speedtail, a fast and graceful three-seater with an extremely high top speed. A third Ultimate-McLaren followed in 2019: the open McLaren Elva.

In addition to the new extremist, which should appear in 2026, McLaren is also said to be working on a more practical model. The four-seater with four doors should appear around 2028, but the information does not go beyond that. Thoughts quickly turn to an SUV-like and previous rumors confirm that. They spoke of a ‘utility-type vehicle’, or a vehicle that can be used widely, although the exact SUV content of that model is still being considered. Ferrari has already shown with the Purosangue that intermediate forms in this area are possible and sometimes even desirable, so we wait patiently.


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