Mercedes-Benz also ceases activities in Russia

Mercedes-Benz also ceases activities in Russia

Following the example of other car manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz is also shutting down the production of cars in Russia as a result of the war in Ukraine. That reports news agency Reuters† The export of cars to Russia is also temporarily suspended.

Mercedes-Benz does not specify a time frame for the above measures, but says they apply ‘until further notice’. Near Moscow is a Mercedes-Benz factory, where, among other things, the E-class and the SUVs are screwed together. That factory only opened its doors in 2019. With the temporary closure of the factory in Russia, Mercedes is joining Toyota and BMW, among others, who have also closed their Russian assembly lines.

The war in Ukraine also seems to have consequences for the German production of Mercedes-Benz. The car manufacturer says it does not have to shut down factories, but is forced to cancel services. The trade association VDA previously warned that the situation in Ukraine may have far-reaching consequences for German car manufacturers, in particular due to an imminent shortage of raw materials.

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