Mercedes starts production breathing apparatus in F1 factory

Worldwide, various production lines are transformed in no time to produce tools for the fight against corona. Mercedes’ Formula 1 team is making an important contribution to the production of a device that can be used for additional oxygen supply.

Normally it is very busy at High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth because of the development of Mercedes’ F1 engine. Now, however, there is crowds for a completely different reason. A device has been developed with which oxygen supply can be accurately regulated. Not a ventilator, but a system that regulates the supply for covid patients who receive respiratory support via a face mask. This can reduce the need for intubation on the IC if it is correct.

The system, called UCL-Ventura, should make the oxygen supply through a mask smarter, so that switching to intubation is less necessary. The device was developed by Mercedes in collaboration with University College London and has already been approved by the National Healthcare Authority. The next step is to produce on a large scale and HPP has been prepared for this in recent days. Currently, 40 machines, normally used for the construction of engine parts for the F1, are working on the production of 1,000 of these devices per day. Mercedes has its design made available free of charge and hopes to do a great service worldwide.

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