MG is gaining ground in Europe


MG is doing good business in Europe. The brand of the Chinese SAIC Motor has seen its sales increase by a factor of three last year. In the Netherlands, however, the number of MGs sold decreased last year.

Last year, MG managed to entice 1,142 consumers in the Netherlands to buy a ZS EV, E-HS or Marvel R. In 2020 there were almost twice as many, but MG Motor Europe will certainly not lose sleep over that. In mainland Europe – excluding the United Kingdom – MG saw its sales triple last year. In 2020 7,200 MGs found a new European owner, last year there were no fewer than 21,946. In the United Kingdom, where MG has never really left, 30,600 copies were sold. This brings the total number of cars sold in Europe to 52,546 units.

Excluding the UK and looking purely at the countries MG recently returned to, France is MG’s largest market. The brand sold 4,829 cars there last year. Sweden is in second place, where more than 4,500 MGs were sold in 2021. Germany is in third place with 3,072 units, followed by Norway in fourth place with 3,069 cars. The Netherlands finishes in sixth place behind Denmark.

MG5 Electric

MG 5 Electric

MG currently only sells the recently updated ZS EV, the plug-in hybrid E-HS and the higher-ranking Marvel R Electric. This year, MG is launching an interesting new model: the MG 5 Electric. This is an electrically powered station wagon. With this, MG will soon have a unique model in its range.

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