Minecraft on an old Mac (iMac G3): Does it work?

Does Minecraft run on an old Mac? A Mac fan on YouTube tried to get the popular game to work on the iconic iMac G3! But will he succeed?

Minecraft on an iMac G3: Does it work?

Remember the iMac G3? Nice thing right? Fans of classic design can’t let go of this old Mac. That’s why they still try to use him for all sorts of things. For example, a fan on YouTube recently tried to get Minecraft running on this iconic Mac. Did he succeed?

iMac G3

New version of Java required

It was quite an achievement to get Minecraft up and running on this Mac. For example, Minecraft needs a newer version of Java than was standard on this Mac.

The old iMac G3 supports up to Mac OS X Panther (this is version 10.3). But for a new version of Java you need Mac OS X Tiger (10.4). After finding out that other versions of Minecraft also need Mac OS X 10.4, it seemed the end of the story.

Until he himself came across a video on YouTube of someone getting Mac OS X 10.4 up and running on an iBook G3. The video used a program from 2006 called XPostFacto to install Mac OS X Tiger. Nothing seemed to stop him from getting Minecraft up and running on his Mac.

Then he ran into another problem: the only way to install Mac OS X Tiger is from CD. And the CD drive in his Mac was broken. Eventually, with some luck, he managed to get the drive working again by cramming the disc in with tweezers.

XPostFacto: Installing Mac OS X Tiger on Old Macs

He then used the XPostFacto software to install the newer version of Max OS X Tiger on his 24-year-old iMac G3. Then he tried to run the PowerPC version of Minecraft. In doing so, he was shown the title screen, but then the game crashes.

Then he started working with ClassiCube, a Minecraft clone. After loading for a while, a surprise awaited him and he could actually play the game. Well, play is a big word. At least Minecraft runs on his Mac. Long live the iMac G3!

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