Moises: the ideal app for musicians and karaoke fans

Would you like to filter out the vocals of a certain song so that you can sing over it yourself? Moises does it for you on your iPhone – and much more than that!

Moises: the ideal app for musicians and karaoke fans

Apps that filter out the vocals from a song are not new. But there are not that many that perform surprisingly well and are also free. Moises is, partly because the app uses AI. Free applies to a certain extent, because for songs longer than five minutes, you still have to pay your way out of your pocket. But for average pop songs you can do just fine with the free version. By the way, there is also one version for your Mac available.

Moises is clearly aimed at musicians. You can filter out not only the vocals, but also the drums, the bass, or any other instruments that are still there. You upload a song, the app analyzes it and based on that you get a number of sliders for the different instruments. The paid version gives you more options, but the free version is sufficient for most purposes. You can then filter out the different parts completely, or just a little, using the sliders.


Many more functions

For many people, this is probably enough functionality, provided it works properly (and it does!). But Moises can do much more. To start with, the corresponding chords appear on the screen during playback (limited in the free version). You can also export the various instruments as an audio file. It is also possible to export the entire song, with the exception of the vocals, for example.

Do you want to play the song slower or faster? No problem either! You can also choose to play the vocals or another instrument only on the left or right. It is even possible to have Moises transcribe the lyrics of the song. The latter is still a beta function and does not yet work optimally.


Moses Premium

With Moises Premium you can remove all restrictions in the free version in one go. You have to pay something for that, namely 6.99 euros per month. Or 49.99 euros per year (a 40 percent discount).


But as mentioned, the free version of Moises is already great. The biggest disadvantage you may first encounter is that there is a limitation of 5 songs per user per month. But if you take that into account, that is also not insurmountable. All in all, Moises is a very functional and user-friendly app!

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