‘Motorola Razr 3 considerably cheaper: competitor for Z Flip 4’

'Motorola Razr 3 considerably cheaper: competitor for Z Flip 4'

The new Motorola Razr 3 should be a lot cheaper than its predecessor. It brings the phone into the water of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: also a clamshell model. There are a lot of specifications of these foldable phones that match.

Motorola Razr 3 and Z Flip 4

It took two years, but Motorola will come up with a successor for its Razr 5G. The new flip phone called Razr 3 has now leaked a lot of specifications and prices too, coming from the reliable OnLeaks† What is striking is that the phone can become a formidable competitor to that other foldable phone that is on the way: the Galaxy Z Flip 4 from Samsung.

The folding screen of the Razr 3 is rumored to be exactly the same size as that of its Samsung competitor. It gets a 6.7-inch AMOLED panel. Motorola has increased the size of the cover screen, the panel on the back and now has a 3-inch screen, compared to the expected 2.1-inch panel of the Z Flip 4. The phones share the same engine, namely the Snapdragon 8 Plus. Gen 1. Samsung gives its foldable a hefty 512 GB and Motorola provides the same amount of storage. The Razr 3 also runs with 12GB of RAM.

Leaked images of the Motorola Razr 3

Prices and availability

An important difference is the price. Motorola has made its Razr 3 much cheaper than its Razr 5G. It cost 1,499.99 euros and for the Razr 3 you pay 1,149 euros. However, Samsung also wants to price its foldable smartphone more competitively. The Z Flip 4 costs converted 950 euros, instead of the 1,149 euros that you had to put down for its predecessor. In addition, the Z Flip 4 is expected to be IP68 waterproof and it is not yet known whether Motorola will also achieve this. Waterproofing with foldables is a difficult matter.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 should appear on August 10 according to rumors and the Razr 3 is also expected this summer. There is no release date yet, but it will soon be available in Quartz Black only.

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