Mysterious Lexus news: electric hatchback, shooting brake and convertible

Lexus EV's backgroundLexus EV's backgroundLexus EV's backgroundLexus EV's backgroundLexus EV's backgroundLexus EV's backgroundLexus EV's backgroundLexus EV's background

After fifteen new concept cars in one go, we thought we were done with Toyota and Lexus, but that turns out to be wrong. One of the released images of Lexus shows cars that were not mentioned in the presentation itself.

Now the latter is not so special, because Toyota does not name more cars today. The vast majority of the fifteen concept cars are only briefly mentioned, usually in the form of a short description of the intended target group.

However, the cars in question do not appear in the presentation at all. They are therefore not included in the overview photo of the presented product, which, with seventeen cars in total and fifteen novelties, still shows enough. The cars in question can only be seen in an overview photo of the new Lexus products. On the right we see the almost production-ready RZ, in the company of the proposed seven-seater SUV, the two-seater supercar and the compact sports sedan. From this angle it turns out to be a bit less sedan-like than we thought, because there is actually no question of a real ass.

However, there are more cars in this photo. For the viewer on the left, and clearly in the virtual light, we first see a five-door hatchback that in 2021 would undoubtedly be called ‘Shooting Brake’. It seems to be a five-door variant of the aforementioned sports sedan, because it shares its nose. The body shape is most similar to that of the Genesis G70 Shooting Brake, with the difference that the Lexus is of course electric.

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Next to the ‘Shooting Brake’ is a second copy, which is identical to the first on the top cutout of the side window. Next to that we find something interesting: a four-seat convertible based on the same car. That would be a very daring step, because there are actually no electric convertibles outside of Smart. Come on Lexus, you can do it!

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Then there is also the back row, the cars that are emphatically not highlighted. We know some of it. For example, we see the UX (second from the left) and the NX, which even seems to have been put down in two variants. To the right and left of this, however, we again encounter (virtual) newcomers. ‘on the right’ a large, square-looking SUV and a sedan. The SUV is similar in size to the electric seven-seater presented this morning, but is much more conservative in shape. That also applies to the sedan, which may be an electric alternative to the ES.

New CT?

Lexus EV's background

On the far left of the row is perhaps the most interesting car on the field: a compact hatchback. An all-electric CT-like could well score in Europe, not least in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, beyond this one image, we know absolutely nothing about the cars shown here, which appear to be hidden in the image for the purpose of provoking questions. Waiting patiently seems to be the only solution.


As if there weren’t enough Lexus mysteries, a wrapped EV SUV also pops up in a video. This is a video in which Lexus president Koji Sato and Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda set out in a packed SUV. It is described in detail in the video as the Lexus RZ, and it says so. The strange thing, however, is that this is emphatically a different car than the RZ presented this morning, with a higher and less sloping roofline. We’ll say it again: this day raises more questions than answers. However, we do know one thing: Lexus is going to electrify on a large scale.

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