Netflix blocks access if you use this payment method!

Depending on the payment method you use, you may lose access to Netflix. Check it quickly!

Netflix blocks access if you use this payment method

Netflix will soon no longer accept payments via Apple at all. If you want to continue using Netflix, you will soon have to change the payment method.

In the help center Netflix’s statement reads: ‘Netflix billing through Apple is no longer available for new and rejoining customers. In certain countries, some members billed through Apple may be asked to add a new payment method to continue their subscription.”

netflix payment method

Another payment method

Netflix has not been accepting new subscriptions through Apple for some time now. But until now, existing customers who signed up for their Netflix account through Apple could continue to use that payment method.

However, Netflix has started informing customers in some areas that they will need to use a different payment method if they want to keep their Netflix subscription active.

If you have subscribed to Netflix via Apple and have not changed your payment method for a long time, please pay attention. Chances are you’ll soon receive an email from Netflix telling you that you need to change your payment method if you want to stay subscribed.


Does Netflix feel threatened?

Some analysts believe that big tech companies like Apple are the future of streaming, even though they haven’t had any real success with it yet. Netflix’s move to no longer allow current subscribers to pay via Apple could be seen as a sign that Netflix feels threatened by Apple. That it does not want to help the competition by offering its service via Apple’s payment method.

Netflix has more than 260 million customers. Apple does not disclose the number of Apple TV+ users, but estimates are around 40 to 50 million. Netflix therefore has little to fear from Apple in that regard. It’s therefore more likely that Netflix simply doesn’t want to pay any more commissions to Apple for the customers who signed up to stream Netflix through Apple.

Incidentally, no longer accepting the Apple payment method is not the only recent incident that is causing Apple and Netflix to drift further apart. For example, Netflix recently refused to create a new app specifically designed for the new Apple Vision Pro. Watching Netflix via the Apple headset is therefore only possible via the built-in browser.

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