New Apple Watch sensor lets watch face and strap match

Apple’s smartwatch may get a cool feature in the future. The Apple Watch then has a sensor that matches your watch face with your strap.

New Apple Watch sensor lets watch face and strap match

Do you have an Apple Watch? Then you probably also have a stack of tapes. The straps can be used on any version of the Apple Watch, and you can adjust the smartwatch to your liking.

Apple watch sensor straps

You can also change the watch face on any Apple Watch. But it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable dial that combines well with your strap. That may change in the future. Apple has been granted a patent on ‘Electronic devices with a color sensor’.

Apple describes how they can measure the color of other objects with a sensor under the watch face of the Apple Watch. In this way, the Apple Watch will soon be able to adjust the background color of your watch face to the color of your clothes or strap, for example.

The patent also states how an optical sensor such as a camera, light sensor, a fingerprint scanner or another type of sensor under the screen can measure color. The patent describes how this can be done by sending a series of red, green and blue light to an object and measuring the amount of light reflection.

Like any other patent, it will be some time before Apple puts such a sensor in the watch face of the Apple Watch. Of course it is also possible that this sensor will never even come.

Apple has been planning for some time to give the Apple Watch a number of new sensors. For example, according to rumors, a sensor to measure blood sugar has been in the planning for years. In any case, we hope that the Apple Watch will actually get this and the sensor to adjust the dial to your strap.

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