New BMW X3 almost ready for debut

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Years before Audi had the Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC predecessor GLK on the menu, BMW delivered an SUV-like alternative to the 3 Series with the X3. The third generation is now on its last legs and so it will soon be time for a completely new one. It is that new BMW X3 that the marketing apparatus in Munich is releasing an extensive set of photos of.

BMW SUVs rarely have a long career. In general, the different generations of BMW’s X models last no more than seven years, after which they are replaced by a new one. The current third generation of the BMW X3 has been in operation since 2017 and this means that it will also be replaced quickly. We have already shown you the new BMW X3 in a packed test suit several times and now it is BMW itself that is releasing an extensive photo series of its Q5 and GLC competitor.

According to BMW, it is currently finalizing testing of the new X3. We don’t have to wait long for the car. According to BMW, the new X3 will make its public debut within the next few weeks. There will be mild-hybrid petrol and diesel versions and plug-in hybrid variants. Will there also be a fully electric iX3? Naturally, the current iX3 will have a successor, but whether that car will again be an X3 with an electric drivetrain or this time a completely different model remains to be seen. BMW has a series of electric newcomers from the Neue Klasse model family in the development room, cars that were basically developed as EVs and that therefore have no direct brothers or sisters with combustion engines. An X3-like Neue Klasse is in the works, so it is likely that it will remain that way.

Back to the BMW X3. According to BMW, the new SUV has a drag coefficient of 0.27 Cd and is considerably stiffer than the outgoing model. The X3 will include a system that allows it to change lanes itself and will be available with what the brand says Parking and Maneuver Assistant mentions: a system with which you can park the BMW X3 in a parking spot using your smartphone. So you don’t have to be in the car for that. More soon!

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