New BMW X3 subtly behind iX and XM

Unveiling after the summer?

BMW X3 spy shotsBMW X3 spy shotsBMW X3 spy shotsBMW X3 spy shotsBMW X3 spy shotsBMW X3 spy shots

BMW X3 spy shots

Last summer, the brand new BMW X3 gave a final sign of life and now the GLC and Q5 competitor is resurfacing. There is still a thick layer of stickers on it, but it is good to see that the X3 is clearly one of BMW’s latest SUV generation.

BMW is taking its time for the new X3 and that is very understandable; after all, it is one of his most important models worldwide. Barely a year ago, the new X3 already appeared in a sturdy test suit and in the meantime, relatively little concealing material has been pulled from the coach. Fortunately, just enough to get a slightly clearer picture of what is changing in terms of appearance.

For example, it is more visible that the X3 gets some design influences from its still quite fresh big brothers iX and XM. And profile after all, the nose of the X3 is somewhat similar to that of the iX and – further back – on the ‘hips’ and along the window line we see some XM-like lines. Don’t you like the characteristic noses of those two? Don’t worry, the headlights look a bit more like those of the X1 and there is a subtle kidney grille on the X3 for contemporary BMW concepts.

The powertrain of the new BMW X3 is expected to deliver hardly any surprises. That is to say: just like the current X3, you can count on mild hybrid petrol and diesel power sources, but also on plug-in hybrid powertrains. Do you want to drive a fully electric X3? There will be another iX3 to serve you at your beck and call. We’re still betting on a reveal later this year. We are still waiting for a sign of life from the new X4.


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