New design boss for McLaren is a fast mover

From Bugatti, Aston Martin and Bentley to McLaren

New design boss for McLaren is a fast mover

At McLaren, a new draftsman is behind the drawing board. As of September this year, Tobias Sühlmann can call himself Chief Design Officer. Before this, Sühlmann was Director of Design at Bentley for a very short time.

As of September, Tobias Sühlmann will determine what McLaren’s cars will look like inside and out. As of that month, Sühlmann is Chief Design Officer at McLaren Automotive. It is hoped for both parties that Sühlmann will stay longer at McLaren than at his previous employer. Sühlmann joined Bentley in February as Director of Design, where he took over that position from Andreas Mindt, who had left for Volkswagen.

Sühlmann was previously Chief Designer Special Projects at McLaren and was, among other things, in charge of the design team that drew the McLaren Solus GT. The creative person was previously Head of Exterior Design at Bugatti and has also fulfilled the same position at Aston Martin.


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