“New Ford Focus RS takes a long time”

Just like in previous generations, Ford is again working on an extra-spirited RS version of the Focus. Due to all the new CO2 emission rules, however, it will take a while before Ford has finished developing the new Focus RS.

https://d3lp4xedbqa8a5.cloudfront.net/imagegen/max/ccr/1023/-/s3/digital-cougar-assets/whichcar/2018/05/30/-1/2020-Ford-Focus-RS-preview-feature.jpgA (anonymous) top man says that to the British Coach. “Our engine development team is busy with a solution for the new RS powertrain, but it has not been found just like that with the new CO2 regulations.” A mild hybrid powertrain for the RS was mentioned earlier in the corridors, but according to the source, such a solution would reduce too little CO2. According to him, the manufacturer would now be working with a full hybrid powertrain.

Given the arrival of the regular Focus and the slightly sportier Focus ST, an RS would normally follow this year. According to the British, the deadline is now being pushed further forward to at least 2022. The first RS was introduced at the end of 2002 and is then given 215 hp. Seven years later the second RS follows with 305 hp. The outgoing RS can count on another 45 hp more.

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