‘New iMac with M3 chip is coming’ (but you have to wait)

Apple has already started developing new iMacs. This new iMac will most likely also come in a version with an M3 chip. You still have to be patient, because this iMac will not arrive until the end of 2023 at the earliest.

Now under development at Apple: iMac with M3 chip

Apple has already started work on the successors to the iMac. We had to wait a long time for the previous iMac 2021. Unfortunately, it seems that you also have to be patient for the iMac with an M3 chip. Rumor has it that this fast iMac will not arrive until the end of 2023.

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This is what reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman says in his most recent newsletter. He also says that Apple is not only working on the further development of the M2 chip, but that an iMac with M3 chip is on the way. Gurman also thinks there will be an iMac Pro, but that too will take a while.

iMac 2021

These Macs are coming this year

Apple is not only developing an iMac with M3 chip at the moment. The company is also working on several Macs that have just appeared or are yet to come this year. These include the new MacBook Pro (13 inch) with an M2 chip and the new MacBook Air. In addition, new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips are also on the way.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air both have the standard M2 chip. This chip has a CPU with 8 cores (just like the M1), with some minor improvements. Some changes have been made to the GPU cores, because it now has nine or ten GPU cores instead of seven or eight GPU cores. It remains to be seen what the M3 chip will have in store.

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