New iPads postponed again: tablets will now appear even later

The launch of the new iPads has reportedly been postponed again, so we can only expect the tablets in May. What’s going on at Apple?

iPads delayed again

It’s been more than a year since Apple released new iPads. No new tablets from Apple appeared at all in 2022 and we will still have to do without them in 2023. Several rumors have surfaced about alleged release dates, but none have proven to be true so far. According to the latest rumors, the devices will now appear even later.

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An announcement from Apple was previously expected on March 26, but now we know those rumors were wrong. That’s why a release after Easter seemed more logical. With a release on Tuesday, April 9, Apple still has enough time for the final preparations and the company will not miss out on sales during the Easter weekend. It now appears that Apple is experiencing problems, which means that the iPads will be released again later.

ipad pro

Problems with the software

According to Bloomberg Apple was indeed planning to announce the new tablets in late March or early April. The iPad Air and Pro 2024 were then planned. If we Bloomberg Apple is still having problems with the software for the new devices. That’s the main reason we won’t see the iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024 until later, because the software isn’t ready yet.

In addition, more advanced techniques are needed to produce the new screens for the iPad Pro. This process takes more time than Apple thought, which means the new tablets will be released later. Apple has opted for new OLED displays for the iPad Pro 2024, which is a major update, especially for the 11-inch version. The company has not previously made OLED screens of this size, so there is no existing stock yet.

iPad Pro expectations

iPads 2024: when will they arrive?

According to rumors, the current stock of the new OLED displays is not yet sufficient for the release of the new iPads. This in combination with the software problems ensures a later announcement of the new tablets. So the question remains: when will they come? According to Bloomberg, we can expect the devices in May, which means we have to wait another month longer.

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No specific release date is mentioned, but Apple is expected to announce the iPads in early May. A week later, the tablets appear in stores and are delivered. So just be patient, because it will again take longer than previously thought. Would you like to know more about the new tablets? Then read everything about the iPad Pro 2024 here and about the iPad Air 2024 here!

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