‘New McLaren 750S is the last without electrical assistance’

Further development of 720S, coming in April

‘New McLaren 750S is the last without electrical assistance’

McLaren will soon present the 750S, a further development of the 720S. That says an anonymous insider against Automotive News Europe. The 750S will be the last McLaren without an electric motor and, as the name suggests, will receive a 750 hp version of the brand’s well-known 4.0-V8.

For the McLaren MP4-12C, the first McLaren since the legendary F1, the brand developed a 3.8-liter V8 with two turbochargers and a carbon tube, a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. The cars that succeeded the MP4 – the 650S, 720S and its Spider and LT variants – used more or less the same chassis and a further developed version of the eight-cylinder, which at some point grew to a displacement of 4 liters . Now McLaren seems to want to make a final profit from developing those two main ingredients by fine-tuning things one more time. The result is the 750S, an insider told Automotive News Europe, the last McLaren to do without an electric motor. The already released Artura is the first serial production model with.

The McLaren 750S takes elements from both the limited edition 765LT and 720S; the latter went out of production last month. It won’t be as extreme as the LT, although the Automotive News source says the car will be “more aggressive” than the 720S. And it is – certainly when it comes to acceleration power – certainly not known for its modest nature. Anyway: McLaren just adds another 30 hp.

Same as coupe and Spider

The result of the final development of McLaren’s first contemporary chassis and engine is expected to be unveiled in April. Reportedly, the coupe and Spider variants will be launched simultaneously, although McLaren has always introduced the coupe first and the Spider later. We can expect a new design for both the inside and outside, but evolution is more in line with expectations than revolution. If you, as a customer, want to pour your own sauce over it, you no longer always have to go to McLaren Special Operations, the specific wishes branch of the brand. The anonymous source indicates that there will always be more personalization options from now on.

McLaren Arthur

Expect a design that takes elements from both the 720S and this Artura.


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