New on Disney+: February’s best series and movies

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Of course Disney+ contains all the well-known classics from the world-famous film studio. In addition, this popular streaming platform adds a fresh load of films, series and documentaries to its ever-expanding catalog every month. A subscription costs 8.99 euros per month. Which titles will be online in February? This is new on Disney+.


Disney+ features quite a few National Geographic productions, including the impressive documentary torn. Renowned mountaineer Alex Lowe died in 1999 at the age of 40 after being caught in an avalanche during a Himalayan expedition. It was not until 2016 that remains of the body were found.

His best friend Conrad Lowe (also present in Tibet) had an affair with the widow left behind shortly after the unfortunate expedition. Since then, Lowe has helped raise the dead climber’s three sons in the best possible way. In 2001, the two even tied the knot.

This documentary is written by Max Lowe. Alex Lowe’s eldest son decided to travel to the scene to honor his father. Torn can be seen from February 4.

Pam & Tommy

People who lived through the 90s consciously remember it. Top model Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee got into a rather rambunctious relationship in 1995. The two didn’t know each other until they decided to get married. Two sons emerged from this.

But the couple is of course best known for leaking an illegal sex tape. That is what this light-hearted series is mainly about, because who was actually responsible for the worldwide distribution (via VHS tapes and the internet) of these private images?

Lily James and Sebastian Stan take on the roles of Pamela and Tommy, respectively, with the actors jealously resembling the real people. The first three episodes of Pam & Tommy can be seen from 2 February. Disney+ puts a new episode online every week for the next five weeks.

No Exit

Thriller buffs would do well to tune in to Disney+ starting February 25th. Then the promising movie goes No Exit namely premiere. The story revolves around Darby Thorne. This young lady is on her way for an urgent visit to her dying mother. Unfortunately, she ends up in a heavy snow storm, where the police close the road.

The student finds shelter in an abandoned parking lot in the mountains. She is accompanied by four strangers. When she discovers a van carrying a kidnapped child in the parking lot, Darby does everything in his power to free the girl. Which of the four strangers is the kidnapper?

The Walking Dead (season 11 part 2)

The very last season of The Walking Dead consists of 24 episodes. The first eight broadcasts of season 11 are already on Disney+. On February 21, the streaming platform will start the phased dropping of the next eight episodes. The lock stick will appear later in 2022.

In this series, a group of survivors take on an army of flesh-eating zombies. As if that is not dangerous enough, there are also all kinds of mutual struggles. Moreover, by no means all the deceased can be trusted, where it literally goes between life and death.

The central question is whether humanity will survive. In Season 11, find out if the main characters can rebuild their community. The Walking Dead is based on the comic books of the same name by well-known comic writer Robert Kirkman.

The King’s Man

Running at the time of writing The King’s Man still in Dutch cinemas, but this action film can also be admired on Disney + from 23 February. A group of criminal rulers, including Rasputin, join forces and plot a major war. Millions of lives are at stake here.

Only one man can thwart the assassination plans of the tyrants. In a race against time, he does everything he can to stop those in power. The King’s Man is an independent intelligence agency that assists the young man. Can you prevent a bloody world war?

nice movies

In addition to the titles mentioned, various fun films will appear on Disney+ in February. Enjoy Murder on the Orient Express, The Empty Man, The French Dispatch, High Strung, All I See is You and Separate Lies.


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