New on Netflix and Apple TV Plus: check out our tips for April 2024

A number of top films and series will be added to Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus and Videoland in April 2024. But what should you watch? You can read that in this article with our streaming tips for April.

New on Netflix: April 2024

New series and films are regularly available on Netflix. That’s why we look up iPhoned every month ahead of the new offer with the best tips. These are often new series and films, but old favorites also regularly appear on Netflix. We’ll tell you what’s new on Netflix in April 2024!

All you have to do is add the series or film to your own list, or press play when the time comes. With our ‘New on Netflix’ guide you will be quickly informed of the indispensable series and films every month. Also scroll on to see what’s new on Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus and Videoland.

1. Dead Boy Detectives

Based on the comic of the same name by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner, the series will air on April 25 Dead Boy Detectives posted on Netflix. In it you follow two dead teenagers who solve mysteries as ghosts. A detective series that is slightly different.

You can watch Dead Boy Detectives from there April 25 on Netflix.

2. Ripley

The story where the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley is based on, was remade for Netflix. This time it has become a miniseries starring Andrew Scott. The actor plays con man Tom Ripley who ends up in a web of lies in Italy. The series is not colorful, because it was decided to make Ripley completely in black and white.

You look away from Ripley April 4 on Netflix.

3. Scoop

A famous interview with British Prince Andrew took place on BBC Newsnight in 2019, about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. This Netflix film with Gillian Anderson and Billie Piper tells the story behind that interview.

Scoop you look from April 5th on Netflix.

5. Baby Reindeer

Failing comedian Donny Dunn has a stalker who follows him everywhere. She sends him countless emails, comes to all his shows and waits for him outside. How does Donny get rid of that? Or does he secretly like that someone shows so much interest in him?

Baby Reindeer you look from 11 April on Netflix.

4. The Circle season 6

The Circle is back! In this reality series, the candidates only speak to each other via the social network TheCircleso they are never sure whether the other is themselves or a catfish plays. A candidate is regularly voted out. A nice detail is that this season is set in a new apartment building for the first time.


You can watch The Circle season 6 from now on April 17 on Netflix.

Apple TV Plus April 2024

On Apple TV Plus you can watch new episodes of, among other things, in April Palm Royale and Manhunt. In addition, more interesting titles will be added.

Discover Apple TV+

Loot season 2

In comedy Loot Molly Wells (Rudolph) finds herself at the head of a philanthropic organization after divorcing her wealthy husband. That’s where she tries to give all her money away.

You can watch Loot season 2 from April 3rd on Apple TV Plus.


Colin Farrel plays John Sugar, a private investigator in Los Angeles who is good at finding missing people. Although this latest case may be a bit too much for him.

You look from Sugar April 5th on Apple TV Plus.

Girls State

From the makers of Boys Statecoming now Girls State. What does it mean if teenage girls were to lead America despite never having seen a female president?

You can watch Girls State from there April 5th on Apple TV Plus.


None other than Michael Douglas plays none other than Benjamin Franklin in this new series. You probably know him from his experiments with electricity, including attracting lightning through a kite. But who was this man really and what role did he play in the war?

Franklin you look away from 12 April on Apple TV Plus.

The Big Door Prize season 2

In the first season of The Big Door Prize you were introduced to a special machine that tells people what their true potential is. Now the machine is ready for the next phase.

The Big Door Prize season 2

You can watch The Big Door Prize season 2 from April 24 on Apple TV Plus.

Disney Plus April 2024

In April you can enjoy new episodes of the crazy on Disney Plus Shogun and X Men ’97but there are also new things waiting for you.

Discover Disney Plus
  • Wish – April 3rd
  • Iwájú – April 3rd

Videoland April 2024

Discover Videoland
  • The Hunt for the Mocro Mafia season 5 – April 10
  • The Gherkin King season 2 – April 18
  • Maxima – 20th of April

These were our tips for Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus and Videoland April 2024. Do you always want to stay informed of the latest viewing tips? Please sign up for our daily/weekly newsletter. Additionally, download the free iphoned app and keep an eye on our website.

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