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The success rates and driving skills of new drivers must improve. That is why outgoing Minister Mark Harbers (I&W) is introducing new rules for the driving school sector.

Outgoing Minister Mark Harbers will make significant adjustments to the process of obtaining a driving license. A new working method will be introduced for novice drivers, the way in which examinations will be carried out will change and driving instructors will have to deal with stricter rules, it writes. The Telegraph.

The minister wants to make driver training mandatory. Currently, only driving tests are still mandatory. “Fraud during the exam, instructors who deliberately let you finish too early, lesson packages that give the impression that you can get your driver’s license ‘quickly’… I believe that these abuses must be tackled,” Harbers said in a statement.

The mandatory driving lessons also make it possible to impose all kinds of substantive requirements on the training, a spokesperson explains. “It was 100 percent focused on the exam.” This should make it clearer what students learn in those lessons. Harbers’ ministry mentions driving in the dark, driving at 130 km/h and discussing ‘social driving behavior’ as examples. Driver training should be divided into four phases, with increasingly difficult situations.

The reason for the measures is several abuses in the driving school industry and the low success rates. Moreover, the intention is that the new working method will result in fewer traffic accidents, Harbers announced on Tuesday. CBR director Alexander Pechtold expects that after the intervention there will be ‘fairer competition’ in the driving school sector and quality will increase, so that young people in particular will ultimately succeed more quickly. “That also means that obtaining a driver’s license remains affordable.”

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