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First info scoop Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2020 - teaser

Teaser Volkswagen Golf GTI 2020

This year’s Geneva Motor Show will be the world stage of the debut of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI. We can already share the first information with you.

Sales of the new generation Volkswagen Golf, also known as ‘Golf 8’, begin in March. In the same month, the brand presents a new member of the new Golf family: the sporty hot hatch GTI. For many of us this is something to look forward to! The debut takes place at the Geneva Motor Show, in the second week of March.

Unfortunately, the performance figures are only announced during that premiere. The only thing Volkswagen wants to say about this is that the brand will raise the ‘performance bar’ even higher with a ‘very powerful engine, but especially with its innovative chassis that can be adjusted in detail with adaptive chassis control’.

What do we already know? That a number of innovations from the regular Golf 8 also end up in the GTI. Think of the fully digital dashboard with large screens, the Travel Assist function for semi-autonomous driving up to 210 km / h, and the Car2X technology that allows communication between the Golf GTI and other cars. The latter is aimed at increasing safety.

Of course, the traditional ‘GTI DNA will not be missing’ on the newcomer. Volkswagen, for example, covers the seats with checked fabric and red design details. Here and there, the brand makes a translation to the design of the new generation, as the accompanying teaser shows. There is LED daylight over the entire width and the honeycomb grille is getting bigger in size.

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