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Fiat 500X Hybrid from just under 31 grand

Fiat 500X Hybrid from just under 31 grandWith the introduction of the Fiat 500X Hybrid, Fiat only sells cars with electrified powertrains. Now it is also known what the 500X equipped with mild-hybrid technology should cost.

Fiat recently introduced new mild-hybrid engine versions for both the Tipo and 500X. The regular 500 that will be delivered alongside the electric 500e was already only available as a Hybrid, which means that the entire Fiat range now consists of cars with electrified or fully electric powertrains. The new mild-hybrid powertrains have pushed the non-electrified 1.0 and 1.3 off the price lists. AutoWeek can now report what the new mild-hybrid Fiat 500X Hybrid should cost.

Do not be alarmed by the new starting price of the 500X. It has been set at €30,990. The Fiat 500X Hybrid has a 130 hp and 240 Nm strong 1.5 under the hood that works together with a 20 hp electric unit. The new Hybrid powertrain replaces both the 120 hp 1.0 and 150 hp 1.3 turbo engines. Where the 1.0 was only available with a manual transmission and the 1.3s were equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission, the Fiat 500X Hybrid always has a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

The starting price of €30,990 applies to the Fiat 500X Hybrid as a Club. Fiat also supplies the 500X 1.5 Hybrid as Cross, Sport and Red and all versions can now be combined with a new electrically operated fabric roll-top. The 500X then gets the addition ‘Cabrio’. The Fiat 500X Hybrid costs in Club trim with the dolcevita called roll-top €33,990. The roll-top roof also has an additional cost of €3,000 for the Cross, Sport and Red flavors. Base version Club includes the Uconnect system with 7-inch multimedia screen, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, cruise control, 16-inch alloy and air conditioning.

Fiat 500X Yachting

Fiat 500X

As before, the 500X is also available as a lavishly decorated Yacht Club Capri, a beautifully decorated version that has always been designed as a ‘Cabrio’. Fiat is asking €38,990 for the 500X Hybrid Yacht Club Capri (Convertible). This top version has, among other things, an interior fully covered with light leather, a blue convertible roof and almost all options that Fiat can supply on the 500X.

The Fiat 500X 1.5 Hybrid will be available at dealers from May.

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