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Nissan Micra

Not long ago we brought to your attention a well-preserved red Nissan Micra. Now we’re doing that again, but this time from a generation newer. The typical ‘old lady cars’ are still there.

Unlike the first Renault Twingo, for example, the Nissan Micra does not really have enthusiast status, and yet we also think that Micras sometimes belong in this section. Then it must be an exceptionally beautiful specimen. This applied to the 1991 Micra that passed by last summer and this also red 1998 Micra also meets that criterion.

Just like the previously discussed Micra, this is a car that has almost certainly had an exceptionally quiet life. The advertisement headline mentions one owner. That was undoubtedly an elderly lady, the machine reinforces that suspicion. According to the license plate history, there appears to have been a change of ownership 23 years ago, but that is an easy fact to ignore for a 25-year-old car with only 36,000 km on the clock.

Nissan Micra

If you are looking for a car that will take you from A to B comfortably, you can get much better for €2,750 (that’s the asking price). This Micra is particularly slow (0 to 100 km/h in just 20 seconds) and also devoid of modern luxury. Even for a little musical enjoyment on board you have to rely on yourself. There is no radio, so we hope for you and your passengers that you can sing a little.

The price for this Micra can only be somewhat justified due to its fairly unique condition, although the advertiser does indicate that there are of course some signs of use. For a little less money you can probably find someone who can get a reliable city car from this, but it is a possible godsend for a Nissan enthusiast or dealer.

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