“Nissan wants out of Renault capital fund”

Nissan reportedly plans to withdraw from Alliance Ventures, a joint fund set up in 2018 by which Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi invest in promising start-ups and new technologies. The reason for the doubt is of course the corona virus.

For the time being, Reuters bases its reporting on claims from anonymous sources, but they do not lie. Several insiders would have indicated that withdrawing from the two-year fund is an obvious step. Mitsubishi would also have indicated that it will not send money to the joint game for the time being.

The enormous setbacks that play a role in China in particular as a result of the corona virus are cited as the reason. With a drop of almost 80 percent in its main sales market, Nissan would not be interested in the important, but perhaps less urgent investments.

In the original agreement, the Alliance Ventures, which was set up with $ 200 million in starting capital, should receive the same amount each year from the three car manufacturers, although that goal is not achieved according to the insiders mentioned. Alliance Ventures was established under the regime of Carlos Ghosn. The endlessly dragging soap around his arrest has done no good to the relationship between Nissan and Renault.

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