NLZiet introduces a new basic subscription and implements a price increase

Last week, NLZiet introduced a new basic subscription. For a fixed amount per month of €7.95 you get access to NPO Plus and can watch Dutch TV with commercials. In addition, the other subscriptions have increased in price.

With the premium subscription you get access to 40 channels and you can watch everything commercial-free. If you also want access to international channels such as the BBC, you can expand your subscription with the NLZiet Extra.

What is NLZIET?

NLZiet is a Dutch streaming service that provides access to all Dutch television channels and some additional channels for a fixed amount per month. It is a collaboration between the NPO (Dutch Public Broadcasting), RTL Netherlands and Talpa Network (SBS). NLZiet aims to provide a single platform where viewers can watch television programs from all Dutch broadcasters.

NLZIET on iPhone and iPad

With NLZiet you can watch live broadcasts from 40 channels, catch up on missed episodes and get access to a huge archive of on-demand content. The channel package consists of NPO 1, NPO 2, NPO 3, RTL 4, RTL 5, RTL 7, RTL 8, RTL Z, SBS6, Net5, Veronica, VRT, Canvas, Ketnet regional channels and more.

NLZIET basic subscription

To reduce costs, NLZiet has introduced a new basic subscription. This allows you to watch Dutch TV and benefit from all kinds of useful functions such as rewatching, pausing and watching live TV. With the basic subscription you have full access to NPO Plus and you can watch advertising-free within this section. You can also watch programs from RTL and Talpa Network (SBS6), these programs do contain advertising. Below are the conditions of the NLZiet basic subscription:

  • Access to 40 channels (live and replay)
  • Full access to NPO Plus
  • Advertising at RTL and Talpa Network
  • Stream on one device at a time
  • €7.95 per month, no annual subscription possible

NLZIET Premium and Extra

In addition to the basic subscription, you can also choose the Premium or Extra subscription. These subscription types have been available for some time and are popular with NLZiet users.

The biggest difference is watching without commercials. With Premium and Extra you can watch all programs without advertising, including items from RTL and Talpa Network. In addition, just like with Basic, you get full access to NPO Plus. At RTL and Talpa you can also watch episodes from previous seasons. Below are the terms and conditions of the NLZiet premium subscription

  • Access to 40 channels (live and replay)
  • Full access to NPO Plus
  • No advertising at RTL and Talpa Network
  • Stream on two devices at the same time
  • €9.95 per month
  • Annual subscription for €107.40 per year
NLZIET for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone

With NLZiet Extra you get access to 11 international channels in addition to the 40 basic channels. With NLZIET Extra you can watch all your favorite programs, films and documentaries, such as Sanditon and Beyond Paradise (BBC), Keeping up with the Kardashians (E! Entertainment), The Curse of Oak Island (HISTORY Channel), Cold Case Files (Crime). + Investigation), award-winning documentaries on Curiosity or the latest world news on Euronews. For NLZIET Extra you pay € 11.95 per month or take out a cheaper annual subscription for € 131.40.

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