No electric Toyota GR for the time being: ‘As much fuel power as possible’

Sporty fuel Toyotas

Toyota GR Yaris

We shouldn’t expect an electric Toyota GR for the time being. According to Toyota Gazoo Racing boss Tomoya Takahashi, Toyota’s sporty label will remain reserved for fuel cars for the time being.

Sporty names such as Mercedes-AMG, Audi RS and Hyundai N are now also linked to fully electric cars, but we should not expect that from Toyota GR. The Japanese are a lot more reserved in that regard. According to Toyota Gazoo Racing president Tomoya Takahashi, his division’s letters are reserved for fuel cars. He tells this to Australian media, including: CarExpert.

Takahashi takes a conservative stance towards the electrification that is currently being made in all kinds of areas and, especially for GR, sees no point in it for the time being: “We want to use as many fuel engines as possible.” According to him, the fuel engine is far from finished: “There may come a time when engines are banned, but combustion engines are not bad, carbon is the true enemy. There are discussions worldwide that cars will not become completely electric. We see several paths ( towards a cleaner fleet, ed.), not just EVs.”

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