Now is the time to buy an iPhone 15 (iPhone News #49)

We will tell you when the best time is to buy an iPhone 15! This and more was this week’s top Apple and iPhone news!

This is the best time to buy an iPhone 15 (Pro).

iPhone 15

It’s been a while since Apple released the iPhone 15 and the first price drops have started. While Apple’s prices for the iPhone 15 remain the same for the entire year, providers do offer the latest iPhone at a lower price. We will tell you when the best time is to buy the iPhone 15!

This is when you should buy an iPhone 15!

iPhoned Advent Calendar 2023: a new prize every working day!

iPhone Advent Calendar 2023

December has arrived and that means the countdown begins iPhoned-advent calendar can begin! By December 4 to 25 are you making every workday chance to win a nice prize. Every working day a box opens in the calendar below, so keep it iPhoned keep a close eye on it in the coming weeks.

Join us too!

These features will (probably) come to your iPhone with iOS 18

iOS 18 major update

The next major update for your iPhone is iOS 18. We will have to wait a little longer for that, because Apple will not release iOS 18 until September. Yet rumors already reveal a number of new features that will come to your iPhone next year. Are you curious about what will change with the software update?

This will change in iOS 18

Secret iPhone Map: View and delete frequently visited locations

card iphone

There are quite a few things hidden on your iPhone. You never even use many of these hidden functions. But did you know that the iPhone can also track locations that you often visit? This feature is called ‘Points of Interest’ and is quite hidden on your iPhone. We will tell you how to find this map in the article below!

Here you will find the secret card on your iPhone

This way you can send photos in the highest quality via WhatsApp

whatsapp photo

If you have ever sent photos to your friends or family via WhatsApp, you have probably noticed that the quality of the images is a lot less. This is because WhatsApp makes the photo a bit smaller by default. Fortunately, you can do something about that now. But you have to forward the photo in a different way!

And this is how you do it!

Elon Musk wanted to sell Tesla to Apple

Apple Car

You wouldn’t think it after all the recent discussions between Elon Musk and Apple over Twitter (or X), but Elon Musk was planning to sell Tesla to Apple. Years ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk approached Tim Cook to discuss a deal to acquire the car company. That wasn’t surprising at the time, because things weren’t going well for Elon Musk’s company in 2020.

But did that meeting ever happen?

Free version Evernote gets limitations (these are your alternatives)

evernote alternative

Evernote is a popular app for taking and organizing notes and to-do lists. With the app you can take notes that consist of a piece of formatted text, a (part of a) web page, a photo, an audio recording or a handwritten text. Evernote has adjusted the free version and added a number of limitations. We tell you what is different.

And these are your alternatives

Thieves return stolen Android: ‘Oops, no iPhone after all!’

stolen Android

A modern Android is worth about as much money as a modern iPhone. However, this is not always a reason for thieves to actually run off with a stolen Android. Last month something remarkable happened. A couple was robbed, but got their smartphone back immediately.

This is how the couple got their smartphone back

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