Nutrition – You are what you eat

A conscious and balanced diet makes an important contribution to physical health and well-being. A keyword that is mentioned again and again in connection with a healthy diet is acid-base balance. In some areas of nutritional science and alternative medicine, a… more

Most people lack time and, especially in the hectic and fast-paced world of work, there is little room for food. Fast food is often the answer to lack of time and the need to eat quickly. But all too often, fast food is associated with unhealthy diets and a variety of health risks… more

The intestine is the most important immune organ in the body. And is closely connected to the brain. It is therefore significantly involved in our well-being… more

Specialist Martin Storr explains how people with irritable bowel syndrome can take findings from research into account… more

Around 100 years ago, raccoons were brought from North America to Germany as farmed fur animals. Today around 1.5 million animals live here, and the trend continues to rise… more

After ingestion, it triggers a feeling of satiety by vibrating in the stomach: Researchers have developed an electronic capsule that could limit severe obesity in a minimally invasive way… more

Reindeer are multitaskers. They can sleep and digest their food at the same time. By taking deep sleep-like naps, the animals save time and can eat more winter fat… more

What we eat can change our genetic makeup – and conversely, the genes regulate which foods we tolerate well. New findings could help to find suitable nutritional tips for each individual…. more

Do you need nutritional supplements for a healthy, balanced diet?… more

Studies on nutritional topics repeatedly cause confusion because they contradict previous publications… more

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