o2switch: how to get a free domain name

Having a domain name specific to your brand is essential to ensure good visibility for your website. Besides, the domain name is not reserved for businesses. You can drop your last name to simplify your email address. Hosts have understood this well and in many of their plans offer a domain free with the purchase of a subscription. O2switch is no exception to the rule with its unique offer, let’s find out together how to obtain a free domain name via their service.

O2switch is a key French player in web hosting. Its pricing is completely unique since the host only offers one plan: The single offer. Present for almost 15 years in the sector, the French company has been able to reinvent itself year after year with the help of innovations and additions of functionalities to its credit. This allows it to claim nearly 420,000 websites hosted using its services. Let’s find out how to obtain a free domain name using the services of one of the best French hosts.

O2Switch: a unique formula, a free domain name

As mentioned previously, O2switch only has a single offer. The customer cannot therefore choose between the different types of web hosting available on the market. Choosing a plan in this sector can quickly confuse a beginner, or even an experienced one. This avoids analyzing the advantages and disadvantages between cloud hosting and a VPS for example, or between different shared hosting plans. o2switch therefore focuses on simplicity by limiting the options for its users, while offering a plan that adapts to the majority of profiles. With this solution, you benefit from a free domain name for life (if renewed) as well as more than sufficient resources for the launch of a new site.

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A clear and unique formula

The unique offer proposed by o2switch has the merit of being clear, since it gives access to unlimited storage, an equally unlimited number of databases and maximum traffic estimated at 5,000,000 visits per month. Figures that reveal a solid solution at a price of 7

Excl. VAT/month. Other notable features include access to a cPanel interface and NVMe technology. State-of-the-art options that offer you better performance in managing your hosting.

In addition to these powerful options, o2switch provides its customers with responsive technical support 24/7. You therefore have access to telephone assistance or direct chat support for all your questions or requests relating to web hosting.

As mentioned before, the host offers you a domain name. To benefit from it, you will need to take out a subscription with a 12-month commitment. It will then be fully customizable by you, within the limits of the available extensions.

The unique offer adapts to any type of site, whether you want to sell online, a showcase site or a WordPress blog. O2switch offers integration features in just a few clicks with the main CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Laravel.

Extensions eligible for the offer

The good news with the domain name offered by o2switch is that the extensions available are more than satisfactory. With this “gift”, the host is not limited to little-known extensions, which are generally cheaper from the domain name registration office. You can therefore benefit from a root URL in: “.fr”, “.com”, “.net”, “.info”, “.org” and much more.

Free domain name at O2Switch, for how long?

The domain name offered by O2switch is valid for the entire duration of your subscription. You will benefit from a complete web hosting service coupled with a personalized domain specific to your brand.

Renewal, what happens after?

The validity of this freebie is unlimited. O2switch therefore offers you your domain name for life, if you wish, the only condition being to renew your web hosting subscription. Another differentiating element for the French host, when we know that the majority of other players on this market charge a subscription for the domain name, once the promotion is over.

O2Switch: services included with the domain name

With the domain name offered by O2switch you will also be able to manage all domain aliases and subdomains, again the host does not limit the number. This service also includes a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate offered with the plan subscription, as well as the features allowing its management.

Finally, the host’s unique offer has a refund period of 30 days. If the service does not suit you or you only want to “test” the solution, you can get a refund in a few clicks if the deadline is not exceeded.



  • storage

    Unlimited storage

  • money_off

    30 day refund

  • security

    SSL certificate included

  • install_desktop

    WordPress compatible


If you are no longer a beginner and are looking to migrate your website to an offer that is a little more technically advanced but not too expensive, 02Switch is for you. The performance is correct but above all the infrastructure will give you carte blanche with support not only for PHP but also Perl, Ruby, NodeJS or Python

Read the full review Try O2switch now!

O2switch advantages
  • Tier 4 Data Center located in France
  • A unique and clear offer
  • Robust infrastructure whatever the project
O2switch Disadvantages
  • No free storage

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