Officials in Russia should throw away iPhone – here’s why

Officials in Russia will soon be banned from using iPhones. In fact, they have to throw away their device.

Officials in Russia must throw away their iPhones

Elections are coming up in Russia and the Kremlin has made a striking statement. Civil servants are no longer allowed to use iPhones. According to a news site report Reuters is it because ‘the devices are vulnerable to Western secret services’.

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The new rules will apply to all officials who are in some way related to the Russian presidential election of 2024. During a meeting in Russia, Sergey Kiriyenko also said that officials have until April 1 to get rid of their iPhone.

So it goes even further. According to rumors, one of the attendees said it’s over for the iPhone. And that you should immediately throw the device away or give it to your children.

Earlier this week, an official spokesman for the Kremlin said that smartphones should not be used for official business. And that it does not matter whether the device runs iOS or Android.

Apple stops sales in Russia

Apple stopped selling iPhones last year. Apple products are no longer exported to Russia and the online Russian Apple Store is unusable.


In addition to stopping iPhone sales in Russia, Apple had also implemented a few other measures. RT News (Russia Today News) and Sputnik , two major news apps from Russia, can no longer be downloaded outside Russia. Apple does this to counter pro-Russian messages. Earlier, Facebook, YouTube and Google took the same measures against these news sites.

Furthermore, Apple Pay has also been out of the air for some time at all major Russian banks. Many Russians used Apple’s payment service. MasterCard and Visa have already indicated that payments via their cards are no longer possible in Russia.

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