OneNote gets major update: this changes

Microsoft is revamping its note-taking app OneNote. Not only will the appearance of the app change, but some new features will also be added. What can we expect from the new version?

Microsoft has launched a beta test to find out what users think of the new OneNote. Last year, the company already announced that it would take a serious approach to the app, also with the aim of creating one central OneNote app. In addition to the regular app, there is also still a OneNote app integrated in Windows 10, but Microsoft has been wanting to get rid of that for a while. With the new version of OneNote, the company wants to finally take this step.

Appearance on the shovel

In particular, the new version of the note-taking tool looks more streamlined, making the app more in line with the rest of Windows 11. The tabs within the app have been addressed, among other things, while the app also looks different in full-screen view. This makes the tool look a lot more modern.

Just like with others Office tools, including PowerPoint, OneNote now includes all notifications of unread changes. This is especially useful if you’re working on notes with others. You can immediately see who has made a change and when. You can also customize the Ribbon in OneNote, so you only see the essential options for editing your notes.

OneNote will soon look very different.

Drawing and sketching

OneNote has long been able to draw and sketch, and Microsoft has expanded its capabilities further, similar to the way it works in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. For example, in the new version of the app you will have the option Handwriting to shape find. For example, draw a square, rhombus or pentagon and OneNote automatically makes a nice shape of it.

OneNote can also convert your handwriting into text or help you draw straight lines. In short: a lot of functions with which you can literally customize OneNote. It should come as no surprise that the app also supports the Surface Slim Pen 2.

If you find it quite a hassle to write out or type all your notes, you can also record them via the dictation function. Everything you record is immediately converted to text.

You can also sort notes pages better, for example by date or alphabetically. You will soon be able to directly add images to your notes from the Windows camera app, and sharing doodles should also become easier.

The new version of OneNote will be rolled out “soon”, according to Microsoft.

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