OnePlus asks your opinion about OxygenOS, gets a lot of criticism

OnePlus asks your opinion about OxygenOS, gets a lot of criticism

OnePlus enlists the help of its users with a question about its OxygenOS software. In this way it wants to improve OxygenOS, but at the same time the brand has already received scathing criticism in the responses of the forum message: “Make it real OxygenOS again and not ColorOS”.

OxygenOS Feedback

OnePlus asks for feedback about OxygenOS in a questionnaire, it does that in a message on his forum† The aim is for the brand to collect valuable feedback with which it can improve its software shell. The findings from the questionnaire are not made public afterwards and they end up with the team that conducts product research.

Last year, OnePlus and OPPO jointly announced that the brands will collaborate intensively, which had consequences for OxygenOS. With the Android 12 update, the code of OnePlus’ software shell was merged with that of OPPO’s Color OS in anticipation of a new software shell that it says should get the best influences from both systems. Later, the launch of the new shell was postponed.

Negative criticism

What is striking is the flow of negative reactions to the forum post. For example, one person responds with “worst phone ever” and another complains that he didn’t buy an iPhone instead. “I paid a lot of money for my OnePlus 9 Pro and I regret not spending a little more on an iPhone 13 Pro. You guys can change my mind. I’m currently using OxygenOS 11, because 12 was a disaster with all errors and glitches.”

It’s been clear for some time that many OnePlus fans are a cool lover of the integration of ColorOS into OxygenOS. CEO Pete Lau recently announced in a conversation with the international press that the OxygenOS name will not disappear and that the shell will retain unique functions that are typical of OnePlus phones.

Androidworld recently made a comparison of Android 12 software on phones from OnePlus, Realme and OPPO and the similarities between the phones were very clear. What do you think about OxygenOS 12 and are you going to fill in the questionnaire? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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– Thanks for information from Androidworld. Source

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