Opel Kadett 2.0 GSi Convertible (1990) – Enthusiast Wanted

Opel Kadett ConvertibleOpel Kadett ConvertibleOpel Kadett ConvertibleOpel Kadett ConvertibleOpel Kadett ConvertibleOpel Kadett Convertible

The Opel Kadett is one of those cars that you used to see on every street corner, but is now almost completely extinct. Do you want to bring some nostalgia into the streets and are you looking for a relatively affordable convertible that can almost be labeled as a driving heritage? Then this Opel Kadett GSi convertible might be a good option!

The Opel Kadett was once one of the most popular cars in our country. This fact is apparent from the sales figures: the Kadett has been gone since 1991, but with 367,053 the model is still in third place when it comes to sales totals per Opel model. Only the Astra (the successor of) and the Corsa still finish above the Kadett. Kadett sales reached their peak in 1986. In that year no fewer than 57,431 units rolled out of the showrooms, accounting for a market share of 10.25 percent. The contrast between the total number of Kadetts sold and the supply on the used car market could hardly be greater: only 10 units are for sale on the AutoWeek used finder!

Opel Kadett Convertible

Opel Kadett Convertible

This Kadett Cabrio comes from 1990 and has the most powerful available engine for the body style under the hood: a 2.0 four-cylinder with 116 hp. Until 1990 this was the Kadett GSi, from 1991 to 1993 it was the 2.0i Edition. This example is registered as the last one, but was first registered on May 11, 1990. As the GSi was delivered until December 1990 and this example has GSi logos in the grille and on the sides, it just looks like an original GSi to go. Perhaps the fact that this car was only imported in 1997 has something to do with it. It does not matter very much, because the GSi and the Edition have the same power source under the hood.

With the roll bar in the middle, the Kadett Cabrio is still really old-fashioned. When you open the hood, it simply rests open and exposed behind the rear seat. When closed, the beige hood seems to sit fairly loosely around the side windows, but that was also part of the game called convertible driving at the time. At first glance, this car still looks pretty neat inside and out. The mileage of just under 150,000 kilometers indicates that the Kadett is mainly used for pleasure rides, because that amounts to approximately 7,000 kilometers per year. This is of course an import car with an analog odometer, but the condition of the car seems to match the number of kilometers driven.

Opel Kadett Convertible

Opel Kadett Convertible

What is special about this Kadett is that it has digital instruments. It forms quite a contrast with the rest of the angular interior and the analog clock between the middle ventilation grilles. Furthermore, the original Blaupunkt radio is still present and there is a holder in front of the gear lever in which you can store some cassette tapes. €6,000 may be a bit pricey for what you get, but the Kadett has now gone from being an everyday car into something of a collector’s item. Certainly the convertible can be counted as a GSi in that category. For that reason alone, this specimen deserves an enthusiast as a new owner.

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