Panic: wireless charging in BMW destroys the NFC chip of your iPhone

Do you have an iPhone 15 and a BMW? Then it is wise to stop charging your iPhone wirelessly in your car for a while.

Wireless charging in BMW destroys your iPhone

Last week, several BMW owners experienced significant problems with their iPhone 15. After charging the iPhone wirelessly in the car, the NFC chip no longer according to various reports on X (Twitter).

tap to pay

The NFC chip in the iPhone is used for many different functions. You can pay with Apple Pay and it is even possible to open your car as a kind of digital key.

But after wireless charging in the BMW, iPhone owners suddenly received the message that Apple Pay could not be set up. After further inspection, the NFC chip was no longer functioning. There is currently no known way to fix the problem.

Some users did not leave it at that and reported the problem to Apple. Apple subsequently replaced the iPhone after it became apparent that the NFC chip was no longer working properly. But the annoying thing is that the replacement iPhone is of course also vulnerable to the same problem.

Only on iPhone 15 Pro (Max)

The complaints are currently only on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. So it is possible that the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus do not have this problem. However, we also advise these owners to be careful and not charge the iPhone wirelessly in the BMW for the time being.

iPhone 15

It is not yet clear what exactly the cause is and how many iPhone owners actually suffer from the issue. It is also unknown which BMWs have this problem. Apple has not responded at this time.

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