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Peugeot 404 Break (1964) – Into the Wild

Cranky pack mule

Peugeot 404 Break

The Peugeot 404 is a popular classic and is therefore certainly not the most special spot, but in our opinion this copy deserves a moment of attention. After all, this is the oldest 404 ever in this category and also the first 404 Break.

There are those classics that are special in themselves, but are relatively not that rare because of their popularity. Cars that are nice to encounter, although it is not surprising to spot one. Think of the Volkswagen Beetle, the classic Mini and the Citroën 2CV. The Volkswagen T1, Volvo Amazon and the Citroën DS are actually part of that and – to a slightly lesser extent – the Peugeot 404. For that reason, the Frenchman has only made three appearances in ‘In het Wild’. The first was a 404 diesel from 1973, followed by a beautiful 404 Coupé from 1967 and finally the last more than six years ago; a white one from 1968. Today we lift a 404 on the digital stage that rolled off the band before those three and it is the first 404 Break in this category.

Peugeot 404 Break

He only has to keep going for one more year and then he will be 60 years old, this brave pack mule that AutoWeek forum member Afentoe spotted. Looks like he’s going to make it. A flawless 404 is anything but, but there are no worrying spots that stand out. Something to be aware of, because like many contemporaries, the 404 wanted to rust. That was immediately the only significant enemy of the Peugeot 404, because otherwise they were strong cars that are still a familiar part of the street scene in certain parts of Africa.

The latter has to do with the fact that the Peugeot 404 was built in Kenya for the African market until the early 1990s. You see it there mainly as a pick-up. The pick-ups were the real workhorses, although the Breaks could often do something about it too. In such a Break you have plenty of space and in the Familiale with an extra bench in the back you could even go out with seven people. The 404 also drove comfortably for its time, so that made this Peugeot a popular family car. This blue Break can probably take it a bit easier in its old age and there is no need to transport a whole family with their luggage every time. The 404, imported in 2003, has been with its current owner since January and who knows, he may still have a nice summer trip ahead of him. Good voyage!

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