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Peugeot 504 Coupe

The Peugeot 504 Coupé, drawn by Pininfarina, is perhaps one of the most beautiful cars that the Sochaux brand has ever built. Today, thanks to AutoWeek forum user Wouter Bregman, the model is once again in the spotlight in ‘In the Wild’. The copy in question could only use some love at first sight.

Peugeot first released the 504 Coupé in 1969, just under a year later after the sedan’s debut. The 504 Coupé originally had dual headlights and rear light units with three diagonal stripes as layout. Those light stripes are also reflected in the rear lights of contemporary Peugeots. Earlier, a copy from the first batch of the 504 Coupé was featured in this section. In the mid-1970s, Peugeot gave the 504 Coupé a facelift, replacing the twin headlights and distinctive taillights with more simple-looking rectangular ones. They can therefore be found on this 1978 copy.

The 504 Coupé in question only arrived in the Netherlands in 2003, 25 years after it rolled off the line. Since then, the car has had four owners here, with the last and current owner owning the 504 for over seven years. This 504 Coupé has not been in the hands of a car company for all that time, but has always been handed over from private to private. The data from the RDW are fairly brief, but this is in any case a 504 Coupé with a four-cylinder petrol engine under the hood. Since this is a late year of construction of the 504 Coupé, it presumably has the 105 hp four-cylinder with fuel injection.

Peugeot 504 Coupe

Peugeot 504 Coupe

In any case, we cannot give this copy the ‘concours condition’ label. No pictures are available of the left side, but the right side of the car is a mix of reds, presumably because some pieces of the bodywork were touched up later. A trip to the spray booth does not seem a superfluous luxury. Furthermore, the chrome around the windows is starting to get a crispy layer in some places. According to license there are still 219 copies of the 504 Coupé driving around in our country, so it is definitely worth keeping tidy. It is commendable that the owner seems to be driving his car, although with an expiry date of March 6, 2022 he will soon have to go back to the garage for the MOT.

Thanks to Wouter Bregman (flickr) for uploading the photos. Have you seen a special car on the street yourself? Share it in the ‘What special did you see today’ topic on the AutoWeek Forum (minimum 2 photos) and maybe you’ll see your entry in the section!

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