‘Photo of iPhone 13 dummy shows smaller notch’

Leaked images show a 3D-printed model of the iPhone 13. The dummy has a visibly smaller notch than the iPhone 12 series. The loudspeaker and the selfie camera have been relocated.

‘iPhone 13 gets smaller notch’

The Japanese Supply Chain Blog Macotacara shared images of a 3D-printed model of the iPhone 13. The dummy again confirms the rumor that the iPhone 13 series will have a smaller notch than its predecessors.

According to the source, the notch becomes a lot narrower, but a bit deeper. The depth of the notch goes from 5.30 millimeters on the iPhone 12 Pro to 5.35 millimeters on the iPhone 13. However, this difference is so small that it is unlikely to be noticeable to the naked eye. The width goes from 34.83 millimeters to 26.80 millimeters.

iPhone 13 smaller notch

To make the notch smaller, Apple moved the speaker all the way to the top of the notch. The selfie camera has been moved a bit to the left, so that there is enough space for the Face ID sensors – despite the smaller surface. Previously leaked photos of the iPhone 13 shared by MacRumors, already showed a smaller notch.

Rumors about iPhone with a smaller notch have been around since the iPhone X.

Since the arrival of the iPhone X in 2017, people have been talking about an iPhone with a smaller notch. However, this failed to materialize. The iPhone 13 now seems to be the iPhone that finally makes the smaller screen notch a reality.

According to rumors, Apple will take it one step further in 2022. Then, according to rumors, the iPhone will have a hole in the screen instead of a notch, as on the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Announcement in the fall

The successor to the iPhone 12 will likely be unveiled in September. Apple seems to release four models again this year. The rumor mill around the iPhone 13 has already started. For example, it seems that all devices get a high-quality 120Hz screen and an always-on display.

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  • ‘Photo of iPhone 13 dummy shows smaller notch’

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