Please note: not all power banks work with the iPhone 15

Apple equipped the iPhone 15 with a USB-C connection this year, but unfortunately not all power banks no longer work with the phone. This is how you prevent problems!

iPhone 15 with USB-C

Due to new European legislation, iPhones have a USB-C connection for the first time this year. With the new regulations, the European Union is trying to reduce electronic waste. Apple is therefore switching from Lightning to USB-C with the iPhone 15. This is good for the environment in the long term, but for now there are a lot of Lightning cables left, which will soon no longer be usable.

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The new connection is therefore both good and bad news for the environment, but also ensures that data can be transferred faster. The new USB-C connection can handle much higher speeds than the current Lightning port. Unfortunately, we do not see this reflected in the charging of the iPhone 15, because the charging speed has remained the same as with the iPhone 14. In fact, some power banks no longer work at all with the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 battery

Charge other devices with the iPhone 15

Apple is introducing a great feature with the iPhone 15, because with the iPhone 15 it is possible to charge other devices for the first time. To do this, you only have to connect the devices with each other via a charging cable. Charging is done in different ways, depending on the device you connect to the phone. Unfortunately, this does not work well with the iPhone 15 with certain power banks.

When you connect another device via a Lightning connection, this phone will always be charged by the iPhone 15. Are you connecting two iPhone 15 models together? The device with the lowest battery life is then charged. This now appears to be the case with all devices with a USB-C port. With a power bank with a USB-C connection, the same thing happens when you connect the iPhone 15, the device with the lowest battery percentage is then charged.

This means that the iPhone 15 may not be charged by the power bank, but the opposite may happen. The iPhone 15 then ensures that the external battery charges. This means that the battery percentage of your iPhone will drop even faster, which is of course not the intention at all. Therefore, be careful when using a power bank with a USB-C connection.

Charging iPhone

This way you prevent problems with power banks

Do you want to be sure that the iPhone 15 is charged by a power bank and does not lose power? Then you should not use a USB-C port with the external battery. If you have a USB-A connection (the ‘normal’ USB input) on the power bank, the iPhone 15 cannot charge the external battery. Therefore, to be on the safe side, choose a power bank with a USB-A port.

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Does your iPhone run out of power quickly? Then read our tips so that you always charge your iPhone correctly! If your phone can no longer last a day without a power bank, it might be time to switch to the iPhone 15. This year the iPhone 15 Plus has the best battery, followed by the iPhone 15 Pro Max. View the best prices in our price comparator, so you never pay too much!

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