Porsche 911 ‘Safari’ is approaching production form

Porsche 911 Safari SpyshotsPorsche 911 Safari SpyshotsPorsche 911 Safari SpyshotsPorsche 911 Safari SpyshotsPorsche 911 Safari SpyshotsPorsche 911 Safari SpyshotsPorsche 911 Safari Spyshots

An off-road version of the Porsche 911 is getting closer and closer. These espionage photos show the 911 ‘Safari’, as the model can probably be called, in its more definitive form. This immediately shows some hints to the facelift of the 992.

Porsche has been developing the 911 ‘Safari’ for some time now. At the end of 2020, the spy photographer first got a strange-looking Elfer in front of his lens that appeared clearly higher on its wheels than the original. Last year, raised prototypes of the 911 showed up several times. Now the adventurous version of the 911 becomes even more concrete, because the prototype that is now doing its rounds in the snow differs in a number of points from its predecessors and turns out not to be just an elevated 911 Carrera 4S.

To start with, it is now good to see how the fender flares will come out of the paint. On earlier prototypes these were still attached to the body with pop rivets, now they seem to form much more one whole with the rest of the car. The fender edge is finished in matte black, which somewhat resembles the approach that Porsche uses with the Taycan Cross Turismo. Furthermore, the visually fixed rear spoiler stands out. This clearly has a larger wing area than the 911 Turbo and is attached to the hood over the entire width. It is obvious that this will become a unique style feature of the ‘Safari’.

Porsche 911 Safari Spyshots

Porsche 911

Two large chutes of exhaust pipes poke through the camouflage material at the rear. The ‘Safari’ rear bumper shows similarities to the current 911 Turbo due to the placement of the exhaust vents on either side of the rear bumper. At the front, the ‘Safari’ is a mix between different variants of the 911. The placement of the daytime running lights is more similar to that of the Carrera, while the ‘nose holes’ in the trunk lid come directly from the GT3. One thing seems certain: Porsche tries to distinguish the ‘Safari’ from the rest of the huge range of 911 variants with different style elements.

face lift

The 911 Safari may also reveal something about the upcoming facelift of the 992. The front bumper seems to have narrower LED strips for the daytime running lights and there is now only one slat in the air vents that seems to continue into the rest of the bumper. That is somewhat like the air inlets of the SportDesign front bumper of the current 911. The headlight units and taillights appear to be unchanged. Spyshots of a prototype of the facelifted 911 Turbo showed some more drastic changes there, with the LED strip at the rear appearing to be divided into several segments. How we will see the 911 range after the facelift exactly remains in the dark for a while.

It is not yet known when Porsche will officially announce the 911 ‘Safari’ and the facelift of generation-992. However, it now seems almost certain that the adventurous 911 is on its way.

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