Porsche builds 2,000,000th car in Leipzig

Panamera as a birthday boy

Porsche Leipzig

Proud faces in the Porsche factory in Leipzig. Employees gathered for a photo opportunity around a Madeira Golf Metallic painted brand new Panamera. Not just. That gold-colored Panamera was the two millionth Porsche that saw the light of day in the factory.

The Porsche factory in Leipzig opened its gates in 2009. It is now almost 2024 and in the years in between the brand has produced no fewer than 2,000,000 cars.

The first generation Porsche Panamera was produced by Volkswagen in Hanover and ultimately assembled by Porsche in Leipzig. Only since the arrival of the second generation Panamera in 2016 has the model fully seen the light of day in Leipzig. The gold-colored copy of the all-new Panamera – a 680 hp Turbo E-Hybrud – is the two millionth Porsche to leave the factory gates. The anniversary model is intended for a customer in Dubai.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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