Postponed again: will Apple let the iPad mini die a silent death?

We have to wait even longer for the iPad mini 7, because Apple has again postponed the release of the small tablet. Will there be a new iPad mini?

iPad mini postponed again

Apple has released the first tablets in about two years with the iPad Pro 2024 and the iPad Air 2024. It is expected that the ‘normal’ iPad will also receive an update in 2024, but we will probably only see that tablet in the autumn. While there was previously talk of a new generation of the iPad mini, it now seems that the small tablet has been postponed again. We probably won’t see the iPad mini 7 until 2025.

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This is what the usually reliable Apple analyst Mark Gurman predicts. According to him, we can expect the next iPad mini at the earliest at the end of 2024, but that will probably be 2025. The iPad mini has been postponed again, while there were rumors last year that the tablet would be released in 2023. Gurman predicts that Apple hasn’t written off the iPad mini yet, but why is the next release taking so long?

iPad mini 2021

Irregular releases of iPad mini

Apple has not maintained a clear timeline for the release of the iPad mini for years. The first generation of the small tablet appeared in 2012. Apple then updated the iPad mini in 2013, 2014 and 2015. After these annual updates, the tablet faded into the background, but in 2019 Apple did release the iPad mini 5. Hardly any new functions were added to the new tablet, which was disappointing after almost four years of waiting.

In 2021, the iPad mini did receive a major update, with a completely new design and the fast A15 Bionic chip. Since then we have been waiting for a new generation of the tablet, but Apple has already postponed the release of the next iPad mini. It is still unclear why the iPad mini 7 is taking so long to arrive. Apple may not yet have decided whether there will be a new version of the small iPad.

iPad mini

iPhone mini also stopped

It therefore remains unclear whether there will be a new iPad mini. With the iPhone, Apple also discontinued the iPhone mini without any major announcement. We last saw a smaller version of the phone with the iPhone 13, so there is a chance that Apple will make the same decision with the iPad. A foldable iPhone may take the place of the iPad mini, meaning we will no longer see a small iPad at all.

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That would be a disappointment for users who do not immediately want the large screen size of the iPad Pro or iPad Air. Especially now that Apple has made the screen of the iPad Air larger again, it is nice to have a smaller option. The same applies to the iPhone, where the displays will also be even larger this year. It is therefore hoped that the iPad mini has indeed been postponed and not written off.

If Apple does choose to release the iPad mini 7, it will reportedly not be a major update. According to rumors, the tablet will have a faster chip, will be released in new colors and a camera on the long side of the screen. This makes the iPad mini more similar to the iPad Air 2024, but we will have to be patient for a while. Don’t want to wait a year for the next iPad mini? View the best prices for the iPad mini 6 in our price comparator:

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