Rabobank has a new payment option on iPhone: this is how Tap to Pay works

Rabobank has introduced a new way of paying on the iPhone, because Tap to Pay is now available. This is how the new payment method works!

Rabobank introduces Tap to Pay

Tap to Pay is a new feature available on the iPhone for Rabobank customers. Apple already brought Tap to Pay to the Netherlands in the summer last year. This is an extension of Apple Pay, which you can use in the Netherlands since 2019 to make contactless payments with your iPhone. Tap to Pay works the other way around, because then your iPhone functions as an ATM.

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With Tap to Pay at Rabobank you can simply enter the amount due on your iPhone to pay contactlessly. You can then pay with another iPhone or Apple Watch, but also with a suitable credit card, debit card or other digital wallet. This means that there is no longer a need for a PIN machine in shops or markets, for example. That has a number of advantages.

Rabobank tap to pay app

Tap to Pay: this is how it works (and these are the benefits)

To use Tap to Pay via Rabobank you must install a new app. You can then carry out transactions with the Rabo SmartPin app. The new app is free to use and that is a major advantage compared to physical payment terminals. Shoppers and companies often have to pay a certain amount per month to use a payment terminal. This is no longer necessary with Tap to Pay.

The new service is therefore mainly intended for small retailers and companies, because they no longer have to invest in a separate PIN device. Users of the Rabo SmartPin app can create product lists with associated prices themselves. The final bill will then be calculated automatically when payment is due. This way, your iPhone turns into a digital cash register with Rabobank’s Tap to Pay.

Rabobank tap to pay app store

Even more functions in the app

With the Rabo SmartPin app it is even possible to share and print a receipt. You will have to purchase a separate printer for this. To use the app you must have an iPhone XS or newer. Rabobank’s Tap to Pay only works if you have enabled Bluetooth on both iPhones and if there is an active internet connection. The app can be used by anyone with an iPhone.

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You do not have to worry about privacy when making transactions via Tap to Pay, because the same technology is used as with Apple Pay. Apple therefore does not know what is being bought or sold, how much money is being transferred and to whom it is being transferred. Would you like to know more about the new payment method? Then read all about Tap to Pay here!

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